All of our organizational activity and efforts are focused on one singular goal – to help the HIV/AIDS orphans of Swaziland. Overall effectiveness in helping HIV/AIDS orphans and abandoned children is the overriding selection criteria for those programs in Swaziland chosen to become ORL partner organizations. It is also important that those selected organizations be indigenous, that is, “African organizations run by Africans for the benefit of Africans”. In many instances, both European or American organizations also partner with these programs, but the distinction must be made that their involvement is in program affiliation and in the supply of material and financial support. The day-to-day operational control of these partner Swazi programs is furnished by their own administrative staff who are, in-turn, responsible to their individual autonomous governing boards. While cooperating with International Relief Organizations and agencies of the Swazi Government, these partner recipient programs are all Non-Government Organizations (NGO’s). As such, financial and material contributions through the efforts of ORL and similar organizations go directly to those NGO programs that are in the field and who have final responsibility for its use. There is no loss resulting from bureaucratic waste or corruption. Another characteristic of partner recipient organizations is their willingness to work cooperatively with one another as they strive to meet the common goal of making a difference for the at-risk children of Swaziland by providing “total life care” that includes basic educational opportunities and occupational training. Finally, these programs strive to become self sufficient through the development of agricultural and entrepreneurial activities.

Without question, the greatest need expressed by the above programs is that of volunteer workers. Experienced hands are needed at every facility to help in maintenance, construction, teaching, medical care, infant care and administration. Short term and long term commitments as well as orientation trips are welcome. A common reaction of volunteer workers is that they received much more than they were able to give and were forever changed in the process. ORL will assist volunteers with their travel arrangements and coordinating their time on the ground in Swaziland.

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